Saturday, February 09, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro tablets already sold out at Microsoft's online store, many locations

It was earlier reported that Microsoft only ordered one million Surface Pro tablets for its first shipment from its manufacturing partners. The company may have underestimated demand, as the Windows 8 tablet / laptop sold out quickly from its online store, just hours after its Saturday, Feb. 9 debut.

The sad news for Surface Pro fans can be seen above in the image from Microsoft's U.S. online store. The selection for the Surface Pro with 128GB of storage is greyed out with a line that says "out of stock." The 64GB model is still available.

Additional retailers show similar demand. While the Canadian Microsoft store still has the 128GB (and 64GB) tablet still in stock, Best Buy Canada's online site says it is sold out.

Meanwhile, the U.S. version of Best Buy's online store shows that the tablet is still available. However, it does not allow shipping of the device, and when attempting to pick it up at any California store, customers are told it is unavailable.

A trip to Staples online store results in the same bad news. It doesn't show as sold out, but once a customer tries to add it to his or her cart, they are told it is out of stock.

The one million unit shipment is far less than what Microsoft ordered for the Surface RT, which had an initial shipment volume of four million units. However, Surface RT sales thus far are known to be below the company's expectations.

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