Thursday, February 14, 2013

Marco Rubio's 'Waterbreak' goes viral, but Poland Spring misses big social ad chance

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) presented the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union message on Tuesday night, and within minutes of one particular three or four second part of his speech, he nearly broke the Internet.

Rubio took a swig of water in the middle of what was undoubtedly the most important speech in his young political career -- thus far -- and as soon as he did, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (embedded) lit up with hashtags, tweets, posts, animated GIFs, and more.

The hashtag #rubio went ballistic, as did the still-trending #SOTU. Searching for a Marco Rubio meme shows there isn't one -- yet.

Although the drink was awkward, at best, with Rubio trying to maintain a view on the camera as he leaned down to drink from the Poland Spring bottle, some noticed that he gulped the water down, with the requisite noise, accompanying it. Twitter user @Protognostic was not amused:
The only thing missing from the #waterbreak was a loud nastywater belch. Sound editors, you have your assignment. #Rubio#sotu.

Slate was among the first to tweet, saying:
#SOTU #Rubio #water #gulp RT @williamjdobson: Did he think we didn't see that? That was strange
‏@smallhousedeb tweeted on her knowledge of medicine:
Known medical fact: Lying leads to dehydration #waterbreak #rubio
@JasonFarkas applauded Poland Spring's product placement:
Amazing product placement for Poland Spring #rubio
Unfortunately for Poland Spring, unlike companies like Oreo who took advantage of the Super Bowl XLVII blackout, Poland Spring did nothing, despite the fact that the term was trending for quite some time.

In fact, it appears the company has two Twitter accounts, @PolandSpringWtr and @PolandSpringInc. The former has not seen a tweet since July 26, 2010 and the latter since Jan. 20, 2011.

We suspect the reason the company did not leverage Twitter was that the admin for those accounts could not remember the password.

The company also failed to leverage its Facebook page, although -- as can be seen -- users posted links to the Rubio video.

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