Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hackers deface websites in protest of 'pagan' Valentine's Day

Security firm MalwareBytes discovered a wave of website defacements happening as a result -- wait for it -- Valentine's Day. The defacements were first noticed on Wednesday, and MalwareBytes determined they are a result of a hacker group associated with Anonymous (note the Anonymous Indonesia label at the bottom of the screenshot above).

Accodring to an email from Robin Lutchansky of Lutchansky Communications, speaking for MalwareBytes, "the defacements are a result of a Muslim group that has called themselves #OP Fvcklentine Days." We're guessing that really means that the defacements are part of an Anonymous operation known as "#OP Fvcklentine Days," since that is typical of the way Anonymous labels their projects.

The above image is just one of the sites that MalwareBytes discovered had been hacked. It is the Ottawa Catholic School Board's website. At the time of the hack, it said:
Hacked by xCrotZ
#OP Fvcklentine Days

This is an operation to the valentines day.!!
Valentine is a pagan culture, a culture that is no suitable for us ..
Im Not Yours ,
You're not mine
We are Muslims, sold_
Anonymous Indonesia - Hacker Newbie Team - Indonesia Security Down
In a statement, the Ottowa Catholic School Board wrote:
Our main Board website was hacked. Our school websites, intranet and all student and staff information systems were not affected or compromised in any way. We hope to have the website up soon, we will be putting additional protective measures in place to ensure this does not happen again.
The site has since been restored.

A number of other websites were attacked, as noted by the MalwareBytes screenshot here. A quick scan of those sites indicates that most of them have recovered. It's unclear if further attacks will occur on Valentine's Day, proper.

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