Saturday, February 02, 2013

'El Plato Supreme' : Samsung's Super Bowl XLVII teaser ad works around the Super Bowl trademark

Samsung's #NextBigThing is avoiding a trademark lawsuit by the NFL. In a video uploaded Thursday, teasing its upcoming Super Bowl ad, Samsung took a shot at the hilarity that is Super Bowl trademarking.

You may not be aware of this, but the term Super Bowl is trademarked, and you can't use it in an ad without coughing up some cash. Thus, in this ad, Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd went to extreme lengths as, coached by "Mr. Show's" Bob Odenkirk, they worked their way around the trademark landscape.

For example, they couldn't say Super Bowl. They could, instead, say "The Big Game." Or they could use "El Plato Supreme." They also couldn't say "San Francisco 49ers" or "Baltimore Ravens." They could instead say "San Francisco 50-1ers" and "Baltimore Blackbirds."

While we were expecting a Super Bowl ad from Samsung -- after all, last year it debuted its first Super Bowl ad, one launching the super-sized phablet, the Galaxy Note. In addition, Samsung's TV ads, for the past few years, have proven to be snarky, clever, and very good at mocking Apple and other competitors. We didn't expect them to miss out on Super Bowl XLVII.

Another mobile phone OEM is planning its first Super Bowl TV ad, too. BlackBerry, nee RIM, has announced it will be airing one on Feb. 3, when the San Francisco 49ers (or 50-1ers) meet the Baltimore Ravens. Whether or not it makes a mark, or falls flat, remains to be seen.

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