Friday, February 08, 2013

Bush family email and photos posted online after email accounts hacked

A hacker using the handle "Guccifer" has managed to hack into the email accounts of at least six people close to both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. As reported on Thursday, "Guccifer" managed to obtain a number of emails and photos from the accounts, and uploaded them to an online account that appeared to have been hacked for the express purpose of hosting the material.

Guccifer ensured folks knew who posted the images by placing watermarks with his handle on all of them.

Among the individuals hacked were the AOL account of Dorothy Bush Koch, the daughter of George H.W. Bush and sister of George W. Bush; Willard Heminway, 79, an old friend of the elder Bush who lives in Greenwich, Conn.; CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, who is a longtime Bush family friend; former first lady Barbara Bush’s brother; and the elder Bush’s sister-in-law.

The data obtained stems from 2009 to 2012. Among the photographs posted online by Guccifer were one showing George W. Bush and Ralph Lauren, and two more showing him painting. Images of his paintings were included, as well, with two of them a little on the "different" side: They were Bush self-portraits showing him showering and bathing (above: 1, 2).

The elder Bush is also featured in some images, with President George H.W. Bush seen in an image of him during his recent time in the hospital, and another showing him with President Clinton.

More than photos were exposed, though. Guccifer also published emails, an email from late December that showed just how fragile George H.W. Bush's health was at the time. The former president’s chief of staff, Jean Becker, emailed his children, saying that “your dad’s funeral team is having an emergency meeting at 10 a.m. just to go through all the details.” This information, Becker added, “fell under the broadening category of things NOT TO TELL YOUR MOTHER (Barbara Bush)."

Also included in the cache of emails was a list from October of 2012 that included the home addresses and phone numbers of dozens of Bush family relatives.

Guccifer was confident of his ability to sidestep the authorities. He said that federal agents have been investigating him for some time, yet he has managed to hack “hundreds of accounts.” He said,
I have an old game with the f*cking bastards inside; this is just another chapter in the game.
The Associated Press hass reporting that the FBI has launched a criminal investigation into the hacking of the private emails and photographs.  Reuters has reported the Secret Service has launched one of its own, too.

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