Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Internet blows up as Michelle Obama throws a shade at John Boehner

Social media took to U.S. President Barack Obama's second inauguration ceremony on Monday, much as it did his Facebook and Twitter accounts: it went wild. Among the items that sent the Internet into hysterics was a video showing First Lady Michelle Obama's reaction to something House Speaker John Boehner said to her husband.

The video, also turned into an animated .GIF, has nearly two million views on YouTube, but is also present in other video forms and on other video sites. Thus, we'll never know how many views it really has. The scene was first captured by Tumblr user “Mattyrab.”

The video is labeled "Watch Michelle Obama throw a world historical shade at John Boehner." For those unaware, throwing a shade means a public dissing of someone, and what could be more public than the FLOTUS on video? Of course, we doubt the First Lady was aware she was on camera.

There is no audio, so we can't tell what prompted the FLOTUS' reaction. It’s possible that Michelle Obama rolled her eyes simply because Boehner told a lame joke.

On the other hand, the House Speaker could have been discussing actual policy with the POTUS, and Michelle may have disagreed -- strongly.

Twitter blew up over the GIF and video. Most tweets were neutral.

An example was this one, from Page Six ‏(@PageSix) "Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at John Boehner -- see her 'not impressed' face http://nyp.st/10ozDkx"

Others were positive, such as this one from Complex (@ComplexMag) "Michelle Obama hit John Boehner with a hilarious side eye at the Inaugural Luncheon. Here's the GIF: http://cmplx.it/V4tU1w"

There was also this one from Katie Jacobs Stanton ‏(@KatieS), who tweeted, "Just when I thought I couldn't love @MichelleObama / @FLOTUS any more... http://gawker.com/5977763/watch-michelle-obama-throw-world+historical-shade-at-john-boehner ..."

Some though, were negative, and very much so, such as this one from K i N G SHATAR ‏(@kingshatar), which said "#RACIST! “@jimkuiken: Rude, low class Michelle #Obama showing disrespect in public..again. No class rag. http://now.msn.com/michelle-obama-rolls-eyes-at-john-boehner ...”

We think it's obvious which side of the aisle these come from. What do you readers think of the FLOTUS' reaction: hilarious, venomous, or deserved?

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