Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Target to price match -- and its own website -- year-round

Not specifically a CES announcement, but perfectly timed anyway, Target acknowledged the threat that Internet-only giant presents to it, and said on Tuesday that it will price-match all-year-round.

Naturally, Target, like many other retailers, had a practice of price-matching in place for the holidays, but this extension of the policy to encompass all 365 days of the year (yes, 366 during Leap Years) is something new.

Target also plans to match price match Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys R Us all-year-round, but the matching is a nod, not just to the Internet retailer's popularity, but to a process known as "showrooming."

"Showrooming" is consumers visit brick-and-mortar stores to get look at products before ultimately placing an order online. makes that quick easy, too, with its Price Check apps (Android, iOS).

While one might think this will adversely affect the company's bottom line, the company said that few customers take advantage of its price match policies anyway.

Target will also price match another Internet rival: itself. Despite the fact that such online-only specials are labeled as such, customers are still sometimes confused, and the new policy removes that problem.

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