Sunday, January 27, 2013

RIM's first Super Bowl ad to appear in Super Bowl XLVII

RIM is struggling to regain relevance in a post-iPhone, post-Android world. What better time, then, to run its first Super Bowl ad? The company announced on Friday that Super Bowl XLVII would feature the commercial.

The company did not disclose any details about the ad, but the ad will focus on RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform and devices. It's known that London's AMV BBDO is creating the commercial.

Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, Research In Motion, said the following in a statement:
A Super Bowl commercial is a great opportunity to show the redesigned, reengineered and reinvented BlackBerry to tens of millions of consumers on the largest advertising stage of the year.

BlackBerry has 30 million social media fans, and we’re looking forward to continuing to encourage them and all NFL football fans to see the power of BlackBerry 10 for themselves.
It is unclear exactly when the ad will appear during the game. RIM, however, is set to run a social-media campaign alongside the commercial. pre-. post- and during the game. The campaign will include sponsored stories on Facebook and promoted posts on Twitter.

RIM said that:
[BlackBerry] will be integrated into a number of pre- and post-game on-site, digital and social activities, including real time engagement with BlackBerry social fans on Facebook and Twitter, as well as extending and amplifying exposure and fan engagement through Promoted Posts and Sponsored Story ads.
RIM has seen its market share plummet since the introduction of the iPhone, and Android, which followed.

RIM, then, faces much the same situation as Apple did when it presented -- in 1984 -- one of the most-remembered Super Bowl commercials of all time: its “1984″ commercial during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on CBS that introduced the Macintosh computer.

Ironically, this Super Bowl is being presented by CBS, as well. Whether or not RIM's ad can make a mark like Apple's did remains to be seen.  More importantly for the struggling company, whether or not the ad can capture -- or rather, recapture -- smartphone users is a still-larger question. It could, perhaps, be RIM's last chance at relevance, at least independently.

There is speculation RIM may sell off either its hardware manufacturing business, or license its BlackBerry 10 platform.

Super Bowl XLVII pits the San Francisco 49ers and their head coach Jim Harbaugh against the Baltimore Ravens and their head coach (and his older brother) John Harbaugh. The HarBowl, as it is being called, will begin at approximately 6:30 p.m. EST on CBS.

For Super Bowl XLVII, 30-second spots such as RIM's are estimated to cost between $3.7 million and $3.8 million.

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