Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Purported image of Samsung Galaxy S IV shows an April 22 press date

Another image purporting to be of Samsung's next flagship phone, the Galaxy S IV, has leaked to the Web. The image appeared on the Internet on Tuesday.

The first image rumored to be of the Galaxy S IV showed itself earlier in the month, but omitted Samsung's signature hardware button. That led many to cry "Photoshop."

The new image, though first being spotted on Tuesday, has actually been around -- and on Picasa, no less -- for more than a month. The image, which Desmond Ma claims is the Galaxy S IV, sports a slightly different design from the Galaxy S III with a larger display and thinner bezel.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is rumored to be equipped with a 1.8GHz eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor using ARM's new big.LITTLE system, along with a 4.99-inch (can we just call it 5-inches?) 1080p full HD display.

Other rumor features are a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, 2GB of RAM, LTE, a microSD slot, wireless sharing capabilities, and the latest version of Android, whatever that may be when the device ships (currently Android 4.2).

Of note is the date on the smartphone: April 22. Press images often sport a date, which could be the announcement or release date on the press image. Given that, could this be the day either the Galaxy S IV will be announced or released?

The image also calls the device a GT-I9500. For those who wonder why it's not the GT-I9400, apparently the number four is bad luck in Korea. But of more interest, since the device is the GT-I9500, is that search results for that device ID show two images of a GT-I9500 with an interesting word above the hardware button: TIZEN.

It's been rumored that the Galaxy S IV might ship with Tizen, the new alternative smartphone platform, rather than Android, but most doubt this because it seems unlikely Samsung would put Tizen, a new platform, on its new flagship phone.

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