Monday, January 21, 2013

Oversharing on Instagram: Justin Bieber butt image gets more than 86,000 likes

In another example of oversharing on a social media site, pop star Justin Bieber showed off a plumber-style photograph of his bare butt on Saturday. The image was posted (blurred above) to Bieber's Instagram photo-sharing account, but was swiftly deleted, though not before it was liked more than 86,000 times.

Naturally, as has been noted before, anything posted to the Internet, stays on the Internet, as shown above. The image was captured for all eternity and has been tweeted, Facebooked, and far more.

Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, who earlier said that Bieber goes to great lengths to maintain a squeaky clean image, later commented on Twitter:
as a prankster u have to respect another good prank. only makes sense. #crackdealer.
For his part, Bieber only added a one or two word comment, depending upon how you count the words:
Bieber's squeaky clean image hasn't been so clean of late. Leaked photos of Bieber smoking what appeared to be a blunt caused a ruckus on the Web.

It's not clear why Bieber showed off his behind, though back in November, he tweeted a photo of his six-pack abs just days after his first breakup from Selena Gomez (he reportedly broke up with her again just before the New Year).

After tweeting his ab shot, he told Canada's Macleans magazine that he had been trying to get into better shape.
I’ve been working out in the gym, getting bigger, trying to get sexy for the ladies.
Another break-up, another revealing image? Perhaps.

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