Saturday, January 19, 2013

Naked eBay seller sells dress for nearly 10,000 times the original price

Remember this: The best way to sell something on eBay is to put a picture of yourself naked, or at least half-naked, in the auction. In this case, it resulted in an auction that completed on Wednesday at nearly 10,000 times the original price.

Aimi Jones, from Oxfordshire, England, was trying to sell a dress on eBay. However, she didn't realize that she had captured her own image, half-naked (bottomless) in a mirror off to the side of the dress. It was in fact, originally priced at £15.99 and sold for over £150,000 after she re-listed it with a similar image, but with her in a parka.

Despite the interest in the image -- it went viral on Twitter after it was first posted -- you really can’t see much in the picture, unless you blow it up. Jones is off to the side and any NSFW bits appear in the shadows, although it's true that some have blown it up and "exposed" her in a clearer manner.

In addition to the sale, Jones created a Twitter trend, #ebayyellowskaterdress. Things haven't gone so far as to create a meme, as yet, although the Daily Mail discovered that naked or partly naked photos of people posting things to eBay isn't all that uncommon (slideshow here).

It's clear -- and a reflection (pun intended) of the eagerness of these folks to sell things on eBay -- that they didn't really look at the images before posting them to the popular online auction site.

Although Jones' posting is considered a mistake, not a sales pitch for dates, her eBay handle, sugartit_2, is an interesting one.

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