Friday, January 04, 2013

Facebook boast of drunk driving, hit-and-run earns man jail

Folks continue to forget that if you commit a crime, it's not a good idea to post it online. While a hacker group has had to help authorities by recovering some (stupidly) posted data in the case of a serious crime -- a rape -- 18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown of Astoria, Ore. didn't get a chance to erase his Facebook post, and landed in jail as a result.

When local police responded to a hit-and-run crash at 1 a.m. Wednesday, they had no solid leads, until Cox-Brown took to Facebook to boast about his recent accident.

He posted:
Drivin drunk … classic ;) but to whoever's vehicle I hit I am sorry. :P
Fortunately for law-abiding citizens, but unfortunately for Cox-Brown, that post was spotted by two of Cox-Brown's Facebook friends (which as we know, are often not the same as real friends) and sent on to two different Astoria police officers: Nicole Riley and Sgt. Brian Aydt.

The tips led the authorities straight to Cox-Brown's home. There, they found a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle that left the scene of the accident, as well as damage indicative of the early morning crash.

Cox-Brown was arrested and charged with two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver (which we assume means hit-and-run or something similar). Deputy Chief Brad Johnston said that Cox-Brown could not be charged with DUI, because a Facebook post is "not sufficient evidence" that the teen was actually intoxicated.

It's not the first Facebook post to result in an arrest or have some other negative ramification for the poster. Earlier, a 14-year-old was arrested when he threatened a mass shooting at his school on Facebook. Still earlier, a woman earned a pink slip for wishing for an Obama assassination on Facebook.

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