Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'Bqhatevwr' becomes Twitter trend after Scott Brown tweet SNAFU

Scott Brown, recently ousted from the Senate, has some Twitter trouble. Indeed, it's not the same level of FUBAR as Anthony Weiner's, but the tweets, issued early Saturday morning, created a Twitter trend.

It's unclear what started the dust-up. At 6 p.m. Friday evening, Brown tweeted three words: “Yes. Get ready.” What, though, was that in response to?

Could he have been asked “Are you (again) running for Senate?” It's expected that Brown will run for the seat of Sen. John Kerry, (D-Mass.), assuming Kerry becomes Secretary of State. Or could he have been asked something else. There's no way of knowing for sure.

Either way, 10 minutes later @MattinSomerville trolled Brown with this reply: “Oh we are (ready). You have no idea how ready #MaPoli is to vote to keep you in the private sector & out of #MASen”

Brown had earlier tweeted that he was looking forward to watching his daughter Ayla perform at Pejamajo Café in Holliston. Thus, he missed @MattinSomerville tweet, and didn't respond until after midnight, on Saturday morning.

He issued three tweets in quick succession:
  • Your (sic) brilliant Matt
  • Whatever
  • Bqhatevwr (sic)
It's that last one that became a Twitter trend. There appears to be portions of "whatever" in the tweet, but what did he really mean?

No matter what he meant, within a few hours, “Bqhatevwr” was one of the top ten trends on Twitter worldwide. Brown deleted the tweets, but it was too late: What gets posted on the Internet stays on the Internet.

Twitter users knew exactly what to do in response to the typo: Write tens of thousands of humorous tweets and include the hashtag #Bqhatevwr. Brown did not respond, unlike his response to @MattinSomerville, which is what got in him trouble in the first place.

Perhaps he could have tweeted what @JoeBattenfeld of the Herald did as a possible this explanation: “My theory on @ScottBrownMA mysterious “bqhatevwr” tweet: His dog or cat stepped on the keyboard and accidentally hit send. Happened to me.”

For those who think autocorrect could have saved him, it could have, but as http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/ shows, sometimes it makes things worse.

Weiner's FUBAR, for those who don't remember that far back, is that he tweeted a photo with a suggestive image when he meant to direct message it.  Eventually, he was forced to resign from Congress.

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