Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bill Clinton, Malia Obama inaugural photobombs steal the social media show

Barack Obama's second public inauguration ceremony and celebration lit up Twitter on Monday; the evidence was that Twitter had some spastic behavior at times on that day. Among the items that were trying to go viral on Monday were some photobombing examples, including a former president and a current First Daughter.

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For those unaware, photobombing is when someone inserts themselves into a picture at the last minute. It can be intentional or unintentional.

First off was Bill Clinton's FUBAR, and it's turned into a viral image of dramatic proportions. His was unintentional though, or at least it seemed to be. He was seated behind Kelly Clarkson, and as the singer sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee," Clinton peeked out behind the seats to take a glance at the "American Idol" winner.

The photo was posted to Twitter by Doug Gordon, a TV producer from Brooklyn. It has seen been shared hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

That was earlier in the day. Later, during the inaugural parade, the first of the First Daughters, Malia Obama, intentionally photobombed her parents. Her sister Sasha was attempting to take a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama kissing, and Malia leaped between camera and parents, placing herself in the image.

Unlike the Clinton picture, that one didn't hit Twitter, but the video of Malia's photobombing hit YouTube, instead (embedded).

It was a magic day for social media, and a properly huge one for the first President to really embrace it. It was also a big day for viral inaugural photos and videos, including "Sasha's yawn" and the "FLOTUS historic shade."

Even Kelly Clarkson, who was photobombed by Clinton, sprung onto Twitter. Despite famously throwing support behind Ron Paul earlier in the presidential race, she posted another presidential snapshot on her own Twitter account:

"Maybe the coolest photo I've ever been in ....ever :)" was the caption on a photograph of herself shaking President Obama's hand.

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