Friday, January 11, 2013

AutoRip:'s new services automatically rips any CD you buy -- or have ever bought -- to the cloud

To combat the iTunes juggernaut, every other music retailer has to pull out all the stops. On Thursday, unveiled what it calls "AutoRip," a nice new feature: AutoRip automatically gives customers free MP3 versions of any CDs they have purchased from since the launch of its Music Store all the way back in 1998.

After all, consumers can rip their CDs -- legally -- themselves. However, AutoRip saves them the effort. The MP3s will be automatically loaded into users' Cloud Drives. If you buy an AutoRip CD -- notably, you have to see an Autorip logo to be sure it qualifies -- the MP3s will be loaded to your Cloud Drive before the CD even arrives in your hot little hands.

An example of the AutoRip symbol that you can see on an eligible product is shown above. Currently, the company said, over 50,000 albums, including titles from every major record label (meaning there are no label holdouts), are AutoRip eligible, with more titles added all the time.

In addition to the Big Three (Universal, Sony, and Warner -- notably, EMI is now part of Universal), the company said it has deals with hundreds of independent labels. It also has participation from all the major music publishers and “hundreds, if not thousands,” of smaller publishers, according to Steve Boom, Amazon’s VP of Worldwide Digital Music.

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO said,
What would you say if you bought music CDs from a company 15 years ago, and then 15 years later that company licensed the rights from the record companies to give you the MP3 versions of those CDs ... and then to top it off, did that for you automatically and for free?

Well, starting today, it's available to all of our customers – past, present, and future -- at no cost. We love these opportunities to do something unexpected for our customers. customers don't have to have ever downloaded the Cloud Player software or used the service. If they’ve ever purchased a CD on, they should receive an email shortly informing them that a digital copy of those purchases is now available in their Cloud Drive, free of charge.

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