Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An iTunes season pass gives U.S. 'Downton Abbey' fans an early look at the last three episodes

"Downton Abbey" fans who dislike the fact that the U.S. gets shortchanged in terms of a delay between the U.K. broadcast and the U.S. broadcast (ahem, it is a U.K. show, guys) can rest easy, at least if they are fans of iTunes, too. It's a perk that was announced on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

In two weeks, assuming you purchase an iTunes season pass to "Downton Abbey," you too can watch the last three episodes, before they hit PBS. You'll even get what Apple is calling the "Unedited U.K. Edition."

iTunes says:
As a bonus, you’ll receive the final three episodes on January 29—three weeks earlier than the entire season will be available. Unedited UK edition.
Of course, a bonus like this must come with a price. Apple is, after all, a corporation. The price is a cool $19.99.

If you'd rather not pay the equivalent of a Jackson (two sawbucks), instead preferring to wait, PBS will air the last three episodes of the season on Feb. 3, 10 and 17 respectively.

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