Thursday, December 06, 2012

Updated YouTube iOS app finally supports iPhone 5 resolution, adds full iPad support, too

Google, which had to rush out a standalone iOS version of its YouTube app after it became clear that Apple was booting the built-in version from iOS 6, released a new version on Wednesday, one with some key improvements.

For those with iPads, the key feature added was full iPad support. Prior to the new release, folks were reminded of how things looked, app-wise, when the iPad was first introduced and before iPad-optimized apps were released.

Due to the lack of full iPad support, alternative YouTube players have received attention. In terms of full disclosure, our iPads have been updated to use Jasmine, which is free and which we still find superior to Google's updated YouTube app.

Still, Google has added some functionality to match these alternative players. In a blog post, the company said:
Just in time for the holidays, now you can download or update the YouTube app with a look designed for the iPad and iPhone 5, enhanced AirPlay support, videos that start faster and play more smoothly, and improved accessibility with VoiceOver.
Google also added something that we already know: mobile video playback has increased dramatically. According to Google, more than 25 percent of all YouTube viewing occurs on a mobile device.

Since launching on iOS, YouTube has become the No. 1 free app in the App Store, over the past few months.

The update also adds support for the iPhone 5's larger screen.

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