Monday, December 10, 2012

Kim Dotcom posts screenshots of upcoming Mega service

Kim Dotcom took to Twitter on Friday, spreading his excitement over his new cloud locker, Mega, to the Twitterverse. He also posted a number of screenshots, one of which, above, has an interesting Easter Egg.

[A larger version is available here. The screenshots can be viewed in a slideshow, here.  For those who don't recall, on Jan. 19 of this year, authorities raided Dotcom's New Zealand mansion, in response to U.S. charges of criminal copyright infringement at his Megaupload file-sharing website, and that Easter Egg is the CCTV footage of the raid.]

The Mega cloud drive service will be hosted at the New Zealand-based domain The screenshots posted by Dotcom, nee Kim Schmidtz, shows that the site will feature 2048-bit RSA encryption, its registration page, and the file manager.

Currently the site has a sign-up for those wanting news about the launch.

By using 2048-bit RSA encryption for files uploaded to the service, Mega will keep itself safely ensconced within the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions, which places any legal issues for content on the end user, not the site.

The site will launch on Jan. 19, 2013, the one-year anniversary of the raid on Dotcom's mansion. Dates of the relaunch have been shifted quite a bit, with Dotcom originally promising to launch Mega before the end of 2012, he rescheduled if for Jan. 19. It's unclear if this was done for technical or historic reasons.

Dotcom has vigorously denied the copyright infringement charges levied against him, while at the same time working on his new service. He has also fought extradition, with the hearing now scheduled to take place in March 2013, after being rescheduled from August of this year due to a series of issues related the police handling of the case.

Recently, as well, Dotcom was given the right to sue the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) for its part in the raid on his rented Auckland mansion.

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