Saturday, December 01, 2012

Apple manufacturing new iMacs in the U.S.? Foxconn quakes

Apple's Foxconn partner is its most famous manufacturer, based out of China (though some manufacturing is known to be done in Brazil). However, it appears that Apple is now manufacturing devices out of -- gasp -- the U.S.

A Fortune reader told the tale. He emailed the site on Saturday to say that he had purchased a new 21-inch iMac at an Apple Store in San Jose, Calif., and was surprised -- nay, shocked -- when he opened the box to see it marked with an "Assembled in USA" label rather than one which said China.

Not only that, the label on the iMac, as shown above, shows not just the U.S., but Infinite Loop, home of Apple's current HQ. That being said, a check with another Apple customer who recently purchased the same model, though at the 14th Street Apple Store in Manhattan showed the type of label you'd expect: "Assembled in China."

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So, it appears Apple is not assembling iMacs in the U.S. -- at least, not all of them. The consensus opinion, since this question of country of assembly has come up before, is that Apple does final assembly on units made to order in the U.S. That would be on units with perhaps extra RAM, a different drive, or something else that is custom.

Of course, Apple's customization options, while they exist, are not as varied as you might see on a Windows box. That is why, despite how people harangue Windows, we have always said it has the harder row to hoe ... Microsoft has to support innumerable hardware options as opposed to Apple.

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