Monday, December 31, 2012

Amazon Appstore's free app of the day for Dec. 31, 2012: Draw a Stickman: EPIC has promised to make a paid app free every day in the Amazon Appstore, and today's app is Draw a Stickman: EPIC.

Draw a Stickman: EPIC is priced at $1.99 in Google Play; it is normally priced at $1.99 at the Amazon Appstore. As we've noted before, there are sometimes differences in pricing and availability between the two marketplaces.

Let's Break Stuff! Premium is described as follows:
** Celebrate the holidays with the new Winter Level featuring the Snow Storm Pencil! **

Draw a stickman, then guide him through a fantastic world of adventure! Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Draw a Stickman Epic could be compared to an adventure game, RPG, or puzzle game, but the unique drawing mechanic is unlike any game you've ever played before! From drawing a rain cloud for growing plants to drawing an axe for chopping down a gate, you control all aspects of your environment.

Explore diverse environments and encounter unusual creatures as you draw your way through 13 levels (plus a hidden bonus level)! With the non-linear gameplay, how you overcome one environment will determine which level you unlock next. Each level is filled with hidden secrets and achievements, offering hours and hours of replay value.

Grab a pencil and dive into the world of Epic!
Draw a Stickman: EPIC has a 4.6-star rating in Google Play and 4.4 stars in the Amazon Appstore.

The difference in rating appears to be mostly attributed to permissions paranoia. We'd still give it a try while it is free.

There is also a version of the app in the iOS App Store. It is priced at $2.99. It has 4.5-stars overall and 4.5 stars for the current version.

We continue to be disappointed with the FAOTD program. It began promisingly enough, with Angry Birds Rio, but we've gotten tired of the endless games or niche apps, and especially apps which have no uptake in Google Play, and seem to be FAOTD as a desperation move by the developer.

We'd like to see free versions of say, Office-compatible software or useful utilities such as CalenGoo instead of niche apps or endless games (we just assume every day that it's going to be a game; it's gotten that bad). opened up the Appstore despite a lawsuit by Apple, which has previously trademarked the term "App Store." Microsoft has filed an appeal against that trademark, saying the term is too generic. has responded to the lawsuit in the same manner.

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