Saturday, November 10, 2012

What have you done for me lately? Mitt Romney losing 847 Facebook friends an hour

What have you done for me lately? Not much, apparently. As reported on Saturday, former (and losing) GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is losing an average of 847 Facebook "Friends" an hour.

It's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, there is a National Unfriend Day on which Facebook users are supposed to ditch their faux friends. You know, the friends that aren't really friends, but are instead acquaintances -- at best.

Soon after Romney conceded the election, his social media followers began dropping quickly. Since 11:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday, more than 55,025 users have unliked the former Massachusetts Governor, averaging about 847 an hour.

Contrasting that is Barack Obama's social media footprint. As of about 4 p.m. EST on Saturday, Obama had 33,176,856 Facebook likes, which is over 800,000 479 more than he had on election night and, most notably, about 21 million more than Mitt Romney had at the same time on Saturday.

Obama Twitter account now has over 23 million followers, which is up nearly a million since election night. Let's not forget that Obama set the record most-retweeted tweet that night. If you are wondering who held the record previously, it was Justin Bieber, you true Beliebers.

Facebook, of course, is Facebook, and people will post things they probably should not. We're not speaking of the candidates, per se, although that happens, to, but of people like Denise Helms, who wished for Obama's assassination.

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Let's not forget May Kollaritsch, who compared Obama to the Antichrist. She wrote, “I never did like Obama with his pointed ears and narsasistic (Sic) attitude. Remember everyone The antichrist is going to make llots (sic) of promises and fool a lot of people.”

Naturally the ears of a person are the most important feature, and shows their ability to lead and use logic. Oh, wait, speaking of logic, what about the king of pointed ears, Mr. Spock?

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