Saturday, November 03, 2012

'Shatoetry' lets you spout poetry like Bill Shatner

On Thursday, William Shatner released an iOS app called Shatoetry, an interactive audio application that allows users to create sentences – called Shatisms – using Shatner’s own voice. Although available only for iOS currently, it is reportedly coming soon for Android.

The app is $2.99 in the App Store, and is presently the number one entertainment app in iTunes.

The poetry, or Shatisms produced by the Shatoetry app is composed from a list of words in the apps database. The words have all been recorded - in three different ways - in Shatner’s voice, so that Shat back, the prose is spoken in the distinctive voice of (the original) Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

The app has a 4-star rating after only a few days, and a few reviews show why:
Tons of fun by Josh Elliott

While it seems simple, the amount of entertainment this provides is simply incredible! Well worth the investment! Where no app has gone before...

by hlb

This has me in stitches! True, you'll be hard pressed to form meaningful sentences even with the considerable repertoire of words the app provides—but if you like the idea of having a pocket Shatner flamboyantly enunciating whacky Haikus you assemble (and which you can share with friends even if they don't have the app), you'll be in refrigerator poetry Heaven.
The app has a cooperative mode, too. You can even partner with other "Shatoetists" through GameCenter.

The software was developed by Blindlight Apps, but it could become somewhat of a franchise. Shatoetry is just the beginning, with plans to release expansion packs with themes like holiday or special occasions (something akin to Angry Birds Seasons). There's even a possibility Shatner will get celebrities to voice additional words. It's unclear if that means separate apps, or more voices on the same app.

As you might expect, Shatner didn't come up with the idea for the app himself. Once Blindlight Apps pitched it to him, though, he jumped for it. He thought it sounded cool, and apparently, so does the public.

There is a video about the Shatoetry app, embedded.

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