Sunday, November 04, 2012

Like sales, Samsung's marketing department matches Apple's with snarky ad depicting GS3's prowess at sex video transfer

Samsung's Galaxy S III has reached iPhone-like sales figures, based on the company's own Friday report, which stated that the Korean giant's flagship device had reached 30 million in sales. Along with that, it seems that the company's marketing department appears to be approaching Apple-level cleverness.

A recently released Galaxy S III ad shows off something not highly hyped: the ability of users to use NFC and their devices to transfer files between phones, with a simple tap (although depending on the file size it takes longer than the about 1 second they show in the video).

In the ad, Dad is going on a business trip, and the kids have made a video for him. Mom transfers the video to Dad's GS3 using NFC, but then tells him she made a video for him, as well.

Once she transfers the video from her GS3 to his, she adds that he shouldn't watch her video on the plane. For those who might be a tad bit slow on the uptake, it's clear that Mom has made Dad a sex tape of some sort.

Considering that Steve Jobs and Apple always claimed that "Android was for porn" due to the Wild Wild West is Google Play (without an explicit approval process, that is), Samsung has just gone and confirmed Jobs' assertions. On the other hand, as we've noted before, there's plenty of porn accessible on iDevices, just not in the App Store.

Watch the embedded video, called "Work Trip."

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