Saturday, November 17, 2012

Authorities arrest insider in $1.5 million 'Goodfellas' iPad mini theft

The "insider" in the JFK airport iPad mini theft we reported earlier has been arrested.

In a report issued on Saturday, Renel Rene Richardson was caught because he had made suspicious inquiries earlier with regard to the Cargo Airport Services shipment of iPad minis, as well as to the location of forklifts. Along with two accomplices, Richardson managed to steal 3,600 iPad mini tablets.

His two associates used a forklift to snag two pallets of iPad minis, while Richardson served as a lookout. The accomplices made a getaway with those devices, leaving behind three more pallets, another airport worker spotted them.

Port Authority detectives arrested Richardson after interviewing staff at JFK, who pointed out his curious inquiries. After his arrest, Richardson accompanied the detectives as they searched Long Island for the truck full of missing iPad minis.

It is unclear if the devices have been found and retrieved. It's also not clear if Richardson's accomplices have been arrested.

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