Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Apple's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide goes live, features Apple exclusive Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar

It's not the same as a Black Friday leak, but it's something. On Tuesday, Apple's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide went live.

Among the items being recommended (i.e., pushed in the direction of) to holiday shoppers is "the year's biggest gift, only smaller," also known as the iPad mini. Naturally, iPad also recommends the iPad 4, smart cases, and a number of other items. No MacBooks or iPhones, though.

Somewhat unusual recommendations are the Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar (an Apple Store exclusive) and the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0.

The Squier is brand new. Apple exclusive, it includes the following for a $199.95 price:
  • Pickup select switch
  • Pickup volume control
  • Pickup tone control
  • Headphone volume control
  • 1/4-inch passive guitar output
  • 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo headphone jack
  • Type Mini-B USB connector offering bi-directional audio streaming
Unfortunately, Fender is including a 30-pin cable for iOS devices, so users of the newest iOS devices with the new Lightning connector will have to buy an adapter. A demo video is embedded.

Remember, though, that although these are Apple-recommended, they aren't Apple-discounted, and therefore aren't necessarily the best deal. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, for example, is also available at Amazon.com for the same price. However, in many states that also means no sales tax, and there is also free shipping at Amazon.com. Finally, Amazon.com Visa users get a 3 percent rebate.

The Jambox wireless speaker in red is $179.95 at Apple, but only $155.46 at Amazon.com.

We're still hoping to get Apple's Black Friday ad leaked, but remember: Apple is very conservative with its discounts and you definitely won't see a doorbuster at an Apple Store.

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