Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will the iPad mini, iPad 4 reach retail on Black Friday 2012?

For those who want to get their hands on the iPad mini but like to avoid malls on Black Friday, you may be SOL. Apparently, some who ordered an LTE iPad mini on Thursday night (midnight) have received updates, saying that they will begin receiving theirs on or about Nov. 23. That is Black Friday.

In its advertising Apple only says mid-November for those who order the LTE iPad mini, and the LTE iPad, too. It's unclear if the LTE iPad - the new fourth-generation one - will ship at the same time, but it seems likely.

For some who chose expedited shipping, some are saying they will receive their LTE iPad mini the day before Thanksgiving, or November 21st.

It's still unclear when iPad minis or iPad 4s will hit Apple stores, but based on this news, it would seem that Black Friday might be the date. For shoppers already fighting the frenzy of the biggest retail shopping day of the year, this news would seem to make the day after Thanksgiving the biggest Black Friday ever.

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