Friday, October 19, 2012

Students take brunt of punishment after accidentally finding teacher's topless photo on school-issued iPad

This is what happens when you sync your work iPad with your home iTunes account, and your home iTunes account syncs photos, and your home iTunes account includes topless photos of yourself.

You'd expect you would be embarrassed, and in this case, the teacher probably was. However, as reported on Wednesday, it's the students who accidentally saw the picture who are taking the hit.
So you're 13 and at school.

The four students from Highland Middle School in Anderson, Indiana, including 13-year-old Joshua Troutt, who is included in the embedded video, were playing a game called Flow on a school-issued iPad when they accidentally came upon the image. The unnamed teacher apparently had the topless picture on her iPhone and accidentally synced it to the school iPad.

Now, they could have just showed the picture to their friends, but instead, they went and told school authorities. That's when the sh*t hit the fan. They - the kids - were all suspended.

Nicole Troutt, Josh’s mom said,

“It was just unbelievable. I don’t understand how he can be suspended for a picture he had no control over; it was a school-issued iPad."

Nicole Troutt said she had a choice: she could accept a 5 day suspension, after which she says he would only be allowed to attend school three hours a day, or instead allow Josh to be expelled, after which she could argue his case at an expulsion hearing.

She chose expulsion, and hopes to have an expulsion hearing soon.

“It don’t make any sense,” she said. “The action should have been taken on the teacher, not the students."

The school district has said it has taken action against the teacher, but hasn't said exactly what.

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