Sunday, October 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III has four of its five best weeks after the iPhone 5 uneveiling

A boffo Q3 2012 and reports indicating that Samsung had shipped double the number of smartphones that Apple did during the third quarter confirm what Samsung said on Friday. The company said that its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone had four of its five best-selling weeks in the U.S. after the iPhone 5 was unveiled.

How could that be? Even Samsung was shocked. Kevin Packingham, chief product officer of Samsung's U.S. mobile arm, said in an interview on Friday that: "I was shocked by the numbers. I thought: What the heck is going on here?'"

The theory is that consumers who waited for the iPhone 5 announcement were underwhelmed by the new Apple smartphone, and opted for the Galaxy S III instead. Although T-Mobile did not comment on the story, it has to be a boon to T-Mobile, as the nation's No. 4 carrier has the Galaxy S III but does not carry the iPhone.

Late last week, both Apple and Samsung reported their results for the past quarter (Apple's fiscal year runs apart from the calendar year, so for the Cupertino, Calif.-based company it was fiscal Q4 2012). Apple boasted an $8.2 billion profit, while Samsung produced $7.4 billion in net income.

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Samsung's quarter was another in a series of record quarterly results (its fourth straight) while Apple's quarter, although great, fell short of what analysts had been expecting. In addition, Apple's forecast for the December-ending quarter disappointed investors and analysts, too.

Apple projected earnings per share of $11.75 with revenue of $52 billion for its December quarter. Analysts had been expecting earnings of $15.41 per share on revenue of $55 billion for the period.

Apple finished Friday at $604.00, down $5.54 or -0.91 percent.

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