Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Multiple sources say iPad mini launch event invites to go out Oct. 10

It's come to this: news about Apple is so big that rumors about launch event invitations are huge news. Apple typically sends out invites a week or so in advance, and a rumor circulating on Tuesday says that the iPad mini launch invitations will go out on Oct. 10.

Based on past - and very repetitive - history, Apple will then hold the event itself on Oct. 17, with pre-orders starting on Oct. 19 and the device hitting retail on Oct. 26.

The rumor comes from a major Apple investor who said he has heard it from "multiple sources."

While at first it was believed that the iPad mini would launch alongside the iPhone 5, we reported in late August that the iPhone 5 wouldn't share the stage with the smaller-screened iPad.

Not much is known about the iPad mini, but rumors say that it will ship with a 7.85-inch non-retina (1,024 x 768) screen. The latest rumors about pricing indicate that the device "might" be priced at $349, with the "guesstimate" being made based on the price of the fifth-generation iPod touch.

Steve Jobs once famously said that sub-10-inch tablets were DOA. However, it's known that soon after Samsung released its first 7-inch Galaxy Tabs in late 2010, other Apple executives pointed out the need for a tablet with that screen size.

The information about Apple's desire for a smaller tablet, and the timing, were revealed at the company's earlier patent trial against Samsung.

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