Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Lightning-compatible clone cables seen coming, as authorization chips cracked

Those annoyed at Apple for creating a new standard, Lightning, when none was really needed can rest assured that clone cables are coming. On Monday, Chinese firm iPhone5mod introduced (via a YouTube video, embedded) its own Lightning-compatible products, using official Lightning controller chips from Apple's own supplier.

iPhone5mod is calling its first product the iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock. Although Apple's Lightning cable has an advantage over microUSB, it's about the same size as the already accepted industry standard, and Lightning is seen by realists as just another way for Apple to milk money out of consumers.

Apple's new Lightning connector dynamically reassigns pins in order to allow the connector to be inserted in either direction. Apple has yet to authorize any third-party manufacturing partners to produce Lightning-equipped products.

Representatives of iPhone5mod confirmed not only that they are using original Lightning controller chips from Apple's supplier, ensuring proper functionality, but that they have access to cracked chips that bypass Apple's authentication features, yet still function properly.

If the cracked chips work as well as iPhone5mod says, that would mean not just an increase in the number of Lightning-compatible accessories, but a decrease in prices, as well.

Apple's new Lightning standard has received criticism not just for its cost, but for the fact that it is bad for the environment.

It reminded us of nothing less than the Simpsons send-up of Apple, when they visited a Mapple store and Lisa asked for a pair of fake MyPhone earphones, which were called MyPhonies, but cost $40.

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