Monday, October 22, 2012

Facebook image reportedly shows off revamped iPad with Lightning dock connector

Rumor is that in addition to the new, smaller iPad mini, Apple will unveil a tweaked version of the third-generation iPad ("new iPad, iPad 3). With that, the leaks are coming, including an image showing what appears to be an iPad with a Lightning dock connector (the new connector introduced with the iPhone 5).

It's still unclear if Apple will even revamp the iPad for this go-around. With only five months from the next expected release of the iPad (the iPad 4 or the "new new" iPad), would anyone but serious Apple fanboys opt-in to a device that is only tweaked slightly, carrying the new iPhone 5 Lightning dock connector and perhaps a tweaked LED backlight system for the Retina display?

Additionally, if much more than tweaks are made, customers who bought the third-generation iPad would surely be annoyed (and that is putting it mildly) or even up-in-arms and downright angry. It is already the case that the iPhone 5 dock connection has not pleased those who have invested a lot of time and effort in stereo docks and 30-pin cables.

Even if the rumor is true, we are not so sure about this picture. Taking a close look at the back of the iPad with the, it appears that it might have been doctored somewhat. The Apple logo on the back looks appears to be surrounded by a square that is slightly lighter than the rest of the back.

The image appeared as a post to the Wall of the Apple Museum Taiwan's Facebook page.

Even if this image was doctored, we could still see an iPad refresh on Oct. 23. As with any Apple event, we await the words of Tim Cook and / or Phil Schiller.

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