Saturday, October 20, 2012

Asian couple denounced in Malaysia, Singapore after posting sex blog

A young couple Alvin Tan, 24, a law student at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and his Malaysian girlfriend Vivian Lee, 23, are the subject of hate and moral outrage after the couple posted a sexually explicit blog that challenges the conservative values of both countries. The couple has been denounced online and in print over the blog, which was taken down on Tuesday, called “Sumptuous Erotica."

Pornography is banned in both Singapore and Malaysia. That includes even soft-porn media such as men’s magazines like Penthouse and Playboy. The blog went far further though.

Not only did the couple post erotic and fully nude images of themselves, they also posted images and videos of their lovemaking. Although the blog has been was removed, what gets posted on the Internet, stays on the Internet. Some of the images and videos can be seen here.

On the blog, the couple declared that sex is a natural reproductive process that does not deserve the stigma attached to it, particularly from countries with policies such as Singapore and Malaysia.

On Friday, the NUS confirmed that it will question Alvin Tan at a disciplinary board hearing. Many - publicly on the Web, no less - have demanded his expulsion from the university and the cancellation of his scholarship, which is government-funded.

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The blog was taken down on Tuesday; on Wednesday, the couple - fully clothed - posted a YouTube video (embedded) explaining their reasons behind removing the blog.

“We actually shut down the blog because of family pressure,” Lee said in the video. Tan added: “Yes, we will continue doing what we love doing (meaning lots of hot, passionate sex between two young people). But it’s more of a question of timing. We probably won’t continue again so soon from now.”

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