Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apple removes exact LTE iPad mini delivery dates as wi-fi unites arrive early

Earlier, there was some speculation that iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad orders might hit on Black Friday, with some receiving dates of Nov. 23 for receiving their new devices, and others who selected "expedited" shipping seeing dates as early as Nov. 21.

On Wednesday, however, reports arose indicating that Apple has removed the those dates from order status information, with customers checking their orders now seeing mid-November instead of their prior dates.

It's not clear, though, that the removal is bad news. After all, mid-November comes before Nov. 23 ... or even Nov. 21. On the other hand, uncertainly is less popular the certainty, and a date gives a solid feeling, especially since Apple generally delivers on time.

At the same time, it seems that wi-fi iPad mini orders are coming in early. A report indicates at some French customers are received their iPad mini orders on Wednesday, a full two days early.

That could, in fact, be a good sign for those looking toward mid-November.

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