Saturday, September 08, 2012

WIll a November launch be too late for the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920?

Nokia announced its next-generation Windows Phones on Wednesday, but didn't reveal a ship date for the devices. Information is, though, that Nokia is aiming for a launch on the AT&T network on Nov. 2.

The launch on AT&T would include both the mid-range Lumia 820 and the high-end Lumia 920.

At the same time, a different report focusing on Europe, said that the new Lumias would arrive in Europe in November, as well. That report called the Lumia 920 Nokia's "make-or-break" phone.

Those dates appear to be in flux though. Microsoft is reportedly near finalizing its Windows Phone 8 software, with a Release to Manufacturing (RTM) due next week, and with its own Windows Phone 8 launch plans tentatively set for Oct. 29.

That could mean a slip, although time will tell.

The questiona are: will that be soon enough, and are the two phones robust enough to gain market share over Android and iPhone smartphones. On Wednesday, when the two devices were unveiled, many analysts noted their similarities to earlier Lumia phones, and criticized the devices.

In addition, analysts weren't happy with Nokia's refusal to detail pricing, timing, or network partnerships for the two devices.

The biggest problem for Nokia is the looming iPhone 5. The device will be introduced at an Apple event on Sept. 12, and is expected to launch in retail on Sept. 21.

That will give Apple's smartphone - which is always the biggest selling single smartphone in the world - a huge one-and-a-half month head start on Nokia.

Worse, even if customers want a Nokia Windows Phone device, they aren't buying the ones the company is currently shipping. That's because none of those can be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, meaning they are obsolete.

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It's not just Apple that is hammering Nokia. Once the biggest mobile phone - not just smartphone - maker in the world, Nokia has ceded that title to Samsung. which despite its legal issues with Apple (over patents), has become the world's biggest cell phone manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Nokia's share of the market has plummeted to less than 10 percent from the 50 percent it held during its best years, prior to the introduction of the iPhone and Android.

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