Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome Google's new standalone YouTube app to the App Store, along with ads

YouTube has entered the App Store. This isn't a surprise, as we knew that iOS 6 no longer included YouTube as part of the platform, so Google had to create a standalone app.

In a blog post, Google emoted about the newly released (in the App Store) YouTube app:

"For all you diehard YouTube fans out there who can’t get enough YouTube on your mobile, we’ve got some great news: starting today, you can download the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store, bringing you more of the videos you love and more ways to share them with the people you care about."

The post goes on to describe how the new app gives users "the best mobile experience."  Still, the newly added iOS app isn't about the experience, but instead other reasons.

The reason Apple removed YouTube from iOS 6 is because their license for the app has ended, and honestly, with the power that iOS, the iPhone, and the iPad now have, there's no reason for Apple to pay for a license. Obviously Google will add its own support, despite the fact that Android powers more phones globally than iOS.

In addition, Apple is definitely on a "get rid of Google campaign." That can be seen from its ditching of Google Maps, also in iOS 6.

On the other hand, not all is bad for Google. The new iOS YouTube app has - tada - ads. That could mean a ton of money for the Internet giant.

Of course, it was a race for Google.  The company had to finish its  app before iOS 6 launched.  While there is still no solid date for that, the iPhone 5 will be introduced tomorrow, with current rumors saying the device will hit retail on Sept. 21.  We'd expect that iOS 6 would launch sometime between those two dates.

You can watch a hands-on video, embedded. You'll notice the app's resemblance to the Android version of YouTube, for one thing.

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