Thursday, September 20, 2012

Irish Minister for Justice calls new 'Google-free' iOS 6 Maps 'dangerous'

Apple has begun trying to divest itself of Google "properties" in iOS 6, which launched to devices on Wednesday. There is no longer a built-in YouTube app, and Apple has booted out Google Maps in favor of its own maps.

That's all fine, except that the Maps app is not ready for prime time.

It's obvious from the tweets on the "new feature" that folks aren't all that happy with the results of using Apple's version of Maps.

Gizmodo has a nice sampling of the complaints. Among the SNAFUs:

1) Blue dot is where Channel 4 really is but look where Apple Maps thinks it is #MapsFail

2) Apple Maps thinks there is a road here. It hasn't been there in almost 4 years. Be careful trusting it for directions.

3) Apple ios6 maps error: says turn right and there is a no right turn... Hmmm

That's just the beginning, though. Ireland’s Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has described the new Maps app as "dangerous." That's because the new app has a huge FUBAR: it labels Airfield Garden, a working farm in a residential area, as an airport. Shatter said,

“Clearly the designation is not only wrong but is dangerously misleading in that it could result in a pilot, unfamiliar with the area, in an emergency situation and without other available information, attempting a landing.”

Ah, but all is not lost. Just as with its Siri app, which Apple released in beta form, Apple is relying on customers to help fix the issues. There is a way to report the (numerous) mistakes in the app. Step-by-step, that is described here.

We're sure that will be cold comfort for those who may get lost through use of the app.

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