Saturday, September 22, 2012

iPhone 5 gets its first three ads; EarPods get their first one, too

Apple has unveiled its first three ads for the iPhone 5, along with an ad for its redesigned EarPod headset.

All the ads have single word names. The first one is called "Thumbs." It describes the design of the iPhone 5's screen as being related to the length of your thumb, enabling you to make a windshield wiper-like swipe across the entire screen.

There were two reasons posited for the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen size. One was that Apple wanted to maintain a smaller device size. The other was that Apple wanted to maintain the ability to use the iPhone one-handed.

The "Thumbs" video shows that capability is still maintained, with the new screen size. As it says:
Your thumb, it goes from here, to here. This bigger screen goes from here, to here. Now that’s either a, an amazing coincidence, or b, a dazzling display of common sense. Pretty sure its the common sense thing.
The second video, "Physics," asks how it is possible for the iPhone to get smaller (in terms of thickness) yet bigger (in terms of screen size). Naturally, that doesn't require physics, but still - it's marketing.
There are laws to physics, right? So explain this, how can something get bigger, and smaller? There’s more of it, and less of it. Well, I guess the laws of physics are more like, general guidelines.
The third ad, "Cheese" shows off the camera's new Panorama feature, using a somewhatg cheesy scenario.
Every picture tells a story, of course some stories are bigger than others.

OK, guys here we go, everybody say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee…[breathes in]…eeeeeeeessssseee.

Got it!
Finally, the last of the four ads, "Ears." is all about the new EarPods. Ears come in all shapes and sizes, as well all know. The EarPods are supposed to fit them all, as opposed to other headsets that use different eargels to do so.
Ears are weird. I dunno what shape that is, but its not round. So why would headphones be round? They should be shaped like this. Ear shaped. You know, so they fit in your ears.
Initial speculation on Twitter is that Jeff Daniels, of HBO's "Newsroom," did the voiceovers for these.





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