Monday, September 24, 2012

Google Maps ported to iOS 6, hacker claims

A hacker has managed to port Google Maps to iOS 6, although the ported app is still in its buggy, nascent stages and (obviously) requires a jailbroken iPhone.

iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich tweeted on Sunday that he was able to coax Google Maps to work on iOS 6 "with a little trickery." He includedd a short video showing Google Maps in action on an iPhone 3GS that had been upgraded to iOS 6.

Petrich didn't elaborate on what his "trickery" was, he did note that the app is in buggy, early stages and isn't ready to be distributed on Cydia. "Still crashy and cannot be distributed to the public yet, but it mostly works"

It's also unclear if he could even legally distribute Google Maps, despite the open source nature of Android itself. In fact, Google says that "The Google apps for Android, such as YouTube, Google Maps and Navigation, Gmail, and so on are Google properties that are not part of Android, and are licensed separately."

Apple iOS 6 Maps implementation has been hammered for being an unfinished product, and one that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs would never have let out of the building. That's unclear though, as Jobs apparently signed off on Siri, which is a similarly unfinished product.

Apple wanted to eliminate Google products from iOS 6, and ditched both YouTube, which Google then submitted and had approved in the App Store, and Google Maps, which it replaced with its own maps.   Apple's iOS 6 Maps have been sending people to the wrong end of streets, created airports where there are none, and been called "dangerous" by the Irish Minister of Justice.

It's also been turned into a meme.

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