Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First images of fully assembled, working iPad mini hit the Internet

With the relative dearth of leaks on the iPad mini, the rumored 7.85-inch iOS tablet coming from Apple, we said quite some time ago that we felt that the iPad was trailing the iPhone 5 and that it would launch later than Apple's newest superphone. Those expected leaks are now starting as, on Tuesday, the first photo of what seemed to be a fully working iPad mini leaked to the Internet.

It's probably the right time, too, if rumors of an October launch for the smaller-sized tablet are correct.

While some were hoping for a $249 price point for the iPad mini, current speculation is now that - with the $299 pricing for the cheapest iPod touch 5G - Apple will be forced to set a price of $349 for the new iPad mini.

Although Steve Jobs once said tablets with a screen size smaller than 10-inches were DOA, Apple has reportedly been looking into 7-inch tablets since 2011.

The iPad mini images come from the Chinese website Bolopad. These seem legitimate, based on prior images of parts and shells.

Earlier, ZDNet said that the era of Apple secrecy was over. Not only were a number of details about the iPhone 5 leaked, they were accurate. Almost nothing significant about the new iPhone wasn't leaked.

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Is this just Apple losing its corporate secrecy mojo, as ZDNet implied? Or is it Apple CEO Tim Cook having a different take on corporate product secrecy? Some have wondered if the timing of these leaks imply that they were planned.

On the other hand, accessory makers need access to dimensions and samples to make their cases and more - and they have never had an issue with getting access before.

iPad mini leaks are still very lean, but we expect a 7.85-inch tablet with a non-retina display, announced and shipping sometime in October.

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