Sunday, September 02, 2012

China already advertising the iPhone 5, more or less

The iPhone 5 has already reached China, thanks to some enterprising device cloners.

China’s Goophone (yes, that's the company's name) is releasing a new smartphone based on the leaked design of the iPhone 5. It's called the Goophone I5. However, while it looks similar to the images that have been leaked, there are some differences.

For one, apparently Goophone doesn't believe in the rumor that the iPhone 5 will sport a 4-inch elongated, 16:9 screen. Instead, the Goophone I5 maintains the current iPhone's screen size of 3.5-inches.

Our guess: it's easier to clone when using the original iPhone's screen size since it's been pretty standardized.

Also, the Goophone I5 doesn't run iOS, and certainly not iOS 6. Instead, it runs Android, which makes sense, due to the open source nature of the platform. It's unclear, though, which version it runs. We'd guess Gingerbread, since most Chinese knockoffs tend to run Android 2.3, but considering this is the next-generation of iPhone clone, wouldn't it be great if it at least ran Ice Cream Sandwich, or even Jelly Bean?

Don't hold your breath, though.

It's unclear as to when the Goophone I5 will launch, but considering the iPhone 5 will be introduced (assuming the rumors are correct) on Sept. 12, with a Sept. 21 launch to retail, we'd expect the company to at least try to beat that date.

One thing is clear: it will be less expensive than the iPhone 5, and it will probably reach China sooner than the iPhone 5; Apple devices don't reach China until months after their U.S. release.

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