Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple's embarassment: iOS 6 Maps app proves so bad it becomes an Internet meme

Apple dumped Google's Maps for its iOS 6 version. Things have not gone smoothly, though. In fact, they have gone so poorly that Apple has seen its brand-spanking new iOS 6 Maps app turned into a meme, mocking its sheer lack of validity.

The Amazing iOS 6 Maps blog on Tumblr is showcasing images submitted by end users, with the requisite snarky comments. The issues keep piling up, with large cities such as Antwerp, Belgium being relocated, and Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, now completely missing.

As a meme Tumblr blog, it works the same way as the McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed meme, in which contributors Photoshopped images to add Maroney and her familiar snarky expression to other images. In this case, no Photoshopping is necessary; in fact, Photoshopping would be helpful if it could fix some of the issues.

Instead snarky comments are taken and added to comical images. It's not just the mapping portion of the app, either. The photo-realistic 3D imagery built using technology acquired when Apple bought C3 in 2011 has also proven disappointing, but to many, getting lost when trying to find their way around town, ending up on the wrong end of streets, is far more important.

This could prove a boon for some companies though. Tom-Tom and other GPS manufacturers could see an upsurge in purchases. Seriously though, the question now is: will Google put a Map app in the App Store? And will Apple let them or reject it for duplicating a built-in app?

And does Google even want to do that? It will take Apple years to catch up, and during that time, users might gravitate toward Android, and its superior Maps functionality. On the other hand, Google could embed ads in it, just as they did with YouTube.

Time will tell.

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