Monday, September 10, 2012 caves, will let customers opt-out of ads on Kindle Fire HDs

As we reported earlier, the new Kindle Fires that introduced on Thursday were to be ad-supported models. However, as we also indicated, there was no way to buy a model that would omit the ads.

However, there were reports that, just like the ad-supported Kindles, users could opt-out of the Special Offers ads by paying a fee. At least one support representative even told a customer that.

However, reports around the Internet on Friday stated that had confirmed that there was no way to opt-out. As learned very quickly, lack of choice with regard to "forced ads" equals an Internet firestorm.

My, how things change in 24 hours. As of Saturday, it's being reported that has backtracked on the policy. As can be seen in the image above, and as has been confirmed to us by, users can now opt out of the policy. It costs $15, but to many, that's $15 well-spent.

There remains some confusion over the matter, though. One commenter at Gizmodo said that he saw that above condition on the Kindle Fire web pages on the day the devices launched. Without a time machine, there's no way to confirm that.

Either way, the furor will now die down. It's a good thing, too, with Apple expected to introduced a 7.85-inch iPad mini in October, which some analysts have said will "kill" any Android tablets, including the Kindle Fire.

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