Friday, August 31, 2012

Strange Clint Eastwood RNC appearance prompts 'Invisible Obama' to open Twitter account

Clint Eastwood's rant at an empty chair at Thursday night's Republican National Convention has spawned a Twitter account for the empty chair he was railing at. Dubbed "Invisible Obama," the account has over 50,000 followers at the time of this writing, but is only following one other Twitter member.

If we have to tell you it's Barack Obama, you're not paying attention.

Among the tweets posted by Invisible Obama so far (there are 51 at the time of this writing) are a picture of his cabinet.

He also thanked folks for his new campaign poster (above).

The account was suspended early Friday morning, but later that day, it was reinstated.

Spoof and parody Twitter accounts aren't unusual. For example, after a cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo, he opened his own Twitter account.

More recently, the "Holographic Tupac," which first appeared at Coacehlla 2012 opened a Twitter account, as did the "Miami Zombie Attacker."

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