Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Nintendo ad shows Penelope, Monica Cruz battle it out over Mario

As we watched this Nintendo ad, we had to wonder two things: a) do the actress and model involved really play games on a Nintendo handheld system, and b) how much did they have to pay Academy Award-winning actress Penelope Cruz to don a mustache?

The ad sports not just one, but two beautiful Cruz women. Not only did Nintendo sign up Penelope for the ad, they also scored her younger sister, fashion model Monica, as well.

For those more interested in acting than gaming, Penelope Cruz won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2008 for "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." For those more interested in ages than gaming, Penelope is 38, and Monica is 35.

As the ad begins, we see Penelope playing with her Nintendo 3DS, situated around her One Percent-ish pool, as she says "Come on, Mario, let's go. Good boy." Indeed, what kind of ad for a Nintendo system would it be if she were not playing some signature Nintendo game (meaning a Mario game).

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Then, after Penelope dies - game-wise, that is - Monica comes on-screen and challenges her to a game. Naturally, Penelope reminds Monica who the big sister is (Penelope, just a reminder: big sister = older sister, not a good thing in Hollywood).

However, Penelope loses. The cost of that loss? Penelope has to don a very lifelike Mario costume and ask a vegetable vendor for some mushrooms, as Monica laughs in the background.

Watch the ad, embedded.  You can view screenshots from the video, here.

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