Wednesday, August 15, 2012

McKayla Maroney explains the face that launched her Internet meme, loves the Tumblr blog

McKayla Maroney's time as an Internet meme hasn't expired yet, and she's even shown she has a sense of humor, as she created her own entry in the long list of “McKayla Maroney is not Impressed” images. Now, though, she's even spoken up on herself, the meme, and how she competes.

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She, along with teammates Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman and Kyla Ross were swarmed by cameras when they attended the New York City premiere after-party for "Sparkle" (all-around champ Gaddy Douglas opted out of the event). Rather than her signature pout, which she first delivered on the podium accepting her silver medal for the women's individual vault, McKayla Maroney was all smiles as she rubbed elbows with the film's stars and other famous partygoers, including Jordin Sparks, Russell Simmons and Gabourey Sidibe.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Maroney explained the focus and intensity that led to the pout-turned-meme. When asked if she is as "stern" as she appears during competitions, the 16-year-old said,

"No, I'm not, but it appears [as though I am] when I'm on TV. I think it looks like I am. Sometimes I scare myself a little bit. I'm just really focused and really serious, I guess, and I think it's really funny, that Tumblr. It makes them and me laugh all the time."

The Tumbler blog that Maroney is referring to, as well as the meme and the accompanying #notimpressed hashtag took off after Maroney finished second in the vault, an event she had been favored to win, when she fell on her second vault. During the medal ceremony, she was seen with a somewhat snarky expression, looking obviously upset.

Images have been created showing Maroney not impressed by things such as baby pandas, the "Miracle on the Hudson," and the remake of "Total Recall" (though admittedly, not many were impressed by that).

Among the latest images (they continue to be added) are Maroney not impressed by the Spice Girls at the closing ceremonies of "her Olympics" and the ability of Luke Skywalker to bulls-eye womp rats.

One thing we ourselves continue to be impressed by: her good-natured response to the meme. Appearing on "The Late Show," she and her teammates showed David Letterman that she had taught all of them to do "the not-impressed face" (embedded).

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