Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leaked images purport to show iPhone 5 front assembly with new NFC chip

The iPhone 5 launch event is only a couple of weeks away, if the rumored Sept. 12 date holds, but the leaks continue. New images believed to be of the front assembly for the iPhone 5 seem to show something expected in the new handset, but not seen before in prior iPhones: an NFC chip.

The NFC, or near-field communication chip, appears in an image that appears in a Photobucket account, no less. While seeming to be a strange place for leaked images, the account previously served as the "launch point" for some of the first shots of the next-generation iPhone's purported front assembly.

The images were first noted on Sunday by Chinese website Apple.pro.

Located near the top of the image and surrounded by a red box is a component that has appeared previously in an Apple device. Considering that most believe that NFC is a component in the new iPhone, that's what most people believe the part to be, an NFC chip.

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Such a chip could be used for mobile wallet payment services, and considering the Passbook app that Apple has already revealed as part of iOS 6, it would seem to be a mandatory part of a new iPhone.

Rumors say that the iPhone 5 will be introduced on Sept. 12, with the retail launch on Sept. 21, and iOS 6 reaching older handsets sometime in-between, though likely in the week of Sept. 21.

The iPad mini is then expected to have its own launch event, once the iPhone 5 dust settles, sometime in October.

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