Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Kiss after Ukrainian duet synchronized swimming routine sets up YouTube scams

The Internet went bonkers on Tuesday after the finals of duet synchronized swimming. Twitter, YouTube, and more went (and still are) aflame after the finals routine of Ukrainians Daria Iushko and Kysenia Sydorenk, when the pair kissed following their routine.

The routine was good enough to earn Iushko and Sydorenk a sixth-place finish, out of the medals, but nicely done, anyway. The response on Twitter was immediate, with comments like this common:

"Did Ukraine just kiss each other or what"

The reaction online was similar to that of announcer Jack Buck during the 1988 World Series, when a hobbled Kirk Gibson hit a walk-off home run to beat the Oakland A's. Buck said (twice): "I don't believe what I just saw!"

The result was that the Daria Iushko and Kysenia Sydorenk kiss became more important than their performance, and threatened to become an Internet meme. Certainly, Googling for "ukrainian swimmers kiss youtube" brings up a huge number of results.

A brief PSA: most of those links lead to YouTube videos that have nothing except a message that YouTube took down the video over copyright, and that if visitors wanted to see the video they would have to visit the site "" There, you are forced to participate in a survey to "unlock" the video. It's a great money-making scam.

Aside from that, videos of the sort embedded were around, as well, simply a voice-over to an image of the kiss itself (and really, Reuters has the best view of the kiss, which shows it to be chaste - sorry, guys, no tongue).

In addition to YouTube being aflame with video posts (or attempted posts), there were many tweets on the kiss as well. Naturally, Europeans are much "friendlier" when it comes to kissing between same-sex pairs, but most of those are on the cheek, with the fact that the Ukrainian women kissed on the lips not being missed by those who are fans of (ahem) girl-on-girl "activities." 120x90 3for1
The incident became so huge that Sports Illustrated decided to post an online slideshow of the "Best Kisses in Sports." Seeing Tom Seaver and Johnny Bench, though, just wasn't the same.

So far, there is no news on exactly why they kissed, but reports are that the kiss was not part of the routine or the result of a long-standing Ukrainian tradition.

Somehow, we expect Daria Iushko and Kysenia Sydorenk will eventually address "the kiss."

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