Saturday, August 25, 2012

CTV anchor asks weather host to 'canoodle' on-air, setting Twitter into hysterics

In the days before YouTube, you had to wait for an official blooper reel before seeing anything like this, but nowadays - oh, well. CTV Vancouver Island news anchor Andrew Johnson is certainly red-faced, but then so is his co-worker, weather host Astrid Braunschmidt.

The station had just completed showing a segment on a town on Vancouver Island where couples used to come to “canoodle.” Those who have been watching the Kristen Stewart - Rupert Sanders FUBAR know that means French kissing or making out.

Apparently, Johnson didn't know that. Braunschmidt did, though.

As he transitioned to the weather, Johnson said to Braunschmidt “It’s time now for a full look at your forecast with Astrid, and maybe we can canoodle before you get into it, about ...”

To that, Braunschmidt said quickly, “We’re not going to be canoodling,” making a gesture with her hands to indicate that wasn't an option. She then said, "What?" possibly responding to the producer speaking in her air, as Johnson turned off-screen and said, "Oh, I though canoodle meant chat."

If you parse his introduction to Braunschmidt, where he said, "about," it does seem like he wanted to imply they could chat about ... "something."

He continued, "Astrid, you're lucky there's a producer in my ear. I would have carried that on, and on." To that, she replied, “You know what? You just made the blooper reel."

Johnson made more than the blooper reel. He made national news, became a Twitter trend, and the YouTube video has gone viral, to boot.

Anderson Cooper of CNN wasn't too kind, though. He added the hashtag "RidicuList" to his tweet, which said, "Note to self: some journalists don't know what 'canoodle' means. #RidicuList"

Braunschmidt, who is married with two children, later tweeted that she had to explain to them why their mother's Twitter popularity had suddenly spiked. Her tweet read, "Well...our boys, 5 & 10, now know the meaning of #canoodle. I thought I had a few years to explain. guess not. #parentingandtheinternet101"

Johnson has been good-natured about the error on Twitter. He tweeted, "12 minutes down, 3 to go...haha," referring, of course, to his 15 minutes of fame.

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