Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Apple pulls clueless 'Genius' ads, attempts to scrub them from the Web

Many - including us - applaud Apple's marketing efforts. Their ads are usually "genius." Not this time, though.

These ads, ironically a series titled "Genius," were designed to show Apple customers the support options available to them. Those options, of course, include the "Genius Bar," hence the title of the series. The problem is that many felt that the ads made Apple customers look clueless.

The ads were introduced during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but Apple stopped airing them soon thereafter. Apple's ad agency said the ads "were intended only for a 'first run' during the Olympics."

However, now it's been discovered that Apple has removed the ads from its YouTube channel and from its website. It's doubtful that Apple removed those ads because they are "old." The company still has ads on its YouTube channel from as early as November of 2010.

However, as Apple will learn, and as we've said before, once something is on the Internet, it stays on the Internet (although, it's possible that doesn't apply when copyright is taken into account).

You can view one of the ads, embedded. Indeed, Apple's ads aren't always "genius," and in this case, they were "clueless."

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