Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Twitter account aggregates, re-Tweets foolishly Tweeted credit card images, educating users against the practice

A fairly new Twitter account has been created, one intended to perhaps alarm / frighten people into halting their over-sharing on social media sites. In this case, the over-sharing isn't about some embarrassing incident (perhaps involving alcohol), but instead some overly stupid financial disclosure: clear images of credit or debit cards.

The account, @NeedADebitCard aggregates and reTweets publicly Tweeted photos of peoples' debit, credit, and ATM cards.

One such example is here, first Tweeted by @tamareldahr on June 9, but reTweeted within the last 12 hours (at the time of this writing). The Tweet is a celebration of what we guess is Tamar El Dahr's first credit card.

It also includes an all-too-clear image of the card in question.

The "bio" of the @NeedADebitCard Twitter account is simple in its message: "Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people." The account has gained over 7,000 followers in a little over a month.

More importantly, it has gained the attention of security firms such as Sophos and media outlets such as The Verge.

We've long wondered about the amount of sharing seen on Facebook and Twitter. Do you really need to Tweet about certain biological activities? And while you may be proud that you have cut up your credit card to avoid spending, is it really such a good idea to put an image - one clearly legible - of it up on Twitter?

Don't think for a second that just because thieves may not have the CSC (AKA CCID) that you are entirely safe.

Since news of the Twitter account began to spread today, some of the Tweeted photos have vanished, but that may have been too late to avoid criminal activity. As we've said before, this sort of over-sharing reeks of irresponsibility, or perhaps, since many of these people appear to be young, naivete.

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